What do I need to do in advance?

Each student will need to take an ACT pretest. This pretest is taken UNTIMED to help me assess the incoming knowledge level of each student. This untimed pretest must be completed before the first session of our class.  Because the pretest is untimed, it can take much longer than an ordinary practice test to complete.   Students are encouraged to spend as long as they want on each section so we get an accurate picture of their initial knowledge levels.  They should take the test in multiple sittings spread over several days to avoid test fatigue.  I’ll explain the details about accessing, taking, and scoring this pretest in an email you’ll receive once you register for the class. 

What materials do I need to obtain in advance?

Please order/purchase these right away so they’ll be in hand well before the early registration date:

1) The Official ACT Prep Guide — please order the 2024-2025 edition available at Amazon for around $30. Here’s the link:

Official ACT Prep Guide 2024-2025

2) One or more of the “deep dive” individual section resources linked below here.  These books help students dive into particular sections of the ACT, going deeper on specific concepts and strategy points.  I recommend beginning with English and/or Math unless a student has a clear need in another area.

The Complete Guide to ACT English

For the Love of ACT Math

For the Love of ACT Reading

For the Love of ACT Science

3) Fat kindergarten-style pencils like “My First Ticonderoga” – available at Office Depot or Walmart. Also available at Amazon in a variety of packages – here’s one link:

Ticonderoga ACT Pencils

4) An inexpensive old-fashioned face watch instead of a modern digital watch.

5) An ACT approved scientific calculator — can be very inexpensive (the one I use costs about $10).  Needs to have trig functions, logs, exponents, etc.  The danger is in having an advanced programmable calculator that ACT disallows.  ACT says “using the TI-89 is the most common reason students are dismissed from the ACT for prohibited calculator use.”  To be sure your calculator meets ACT guidelines, click here.

How do I get to the meeting place?

The class is held at the AU Neuroimaging Center (formerly AU MRI Research Center), 560 Devall Dr, Auburn, AL 36832, in the 2nd floor classroom.  To find the 2nd floor classroom, take a right when you exit the elevator.  Go around a corner and you’ll see a set of double doors.  Go through those doors and turn left.  The classroom is at the end of the hallway.