Looking for in-person ACT Prep instruction?  Reeves Test Prep meets at the AU MRI Research Center (560 Devall Dr, Auburn, AL 36832) for our 2023-2024 classes.  We meet 4:15-5:45pm for five Wednesday sessions before each national ACT test date.  If a Wednesday class fills completely, a Tuesday or Thursday class may be opened.  The class for the Dec ACT does not meet Thanksgiving week, and the class for the April ACT does not meet March 6 to accommodate AU’s Spring Break week — both classes still have 5 sessions, but the dates are arranged to skip these weeks.

Is an online prep experience the best fit for your needs?  Our live sessions will be conducted simultaneously in person and on Zoom, so students wanting to attend online have that freedom.  The Zoom sessions are recorded so that students with a timing conflict for the live sessions may watch on their own schedule. 

Regular registration: $400 (Payment submitted prior to one week before the class start date)

Last-minute registration: $450 (Payment submitted during the week before the class start date)

Late registration:  $500 (Payment submitted on the class start date or later)

Register a returning student for free!  The student’s online ACT Access account will be reactivated for ongoing practice & study at home, and the student is welcome to attend the weekly Zoom sessions.

Choose the class you want to sign up for:

Prep Class for Oct ACT (20 Sep 2023 – 25 Oct 2023)

Prep Class for Dec ACT (01 Nov 2023 – 06 Dec 2023)

Prep Class for Feb ACT (10 Jan 2024 – 07 Feb 2024)

Prep Class for Apr ACT (21 Feb 2024 – 27 Mar 2024)

Prep Class for June ACT (01 May 2024 – 29 May 2024)

Prep Class for July ACT (12 Jun 2024 – 10 Jul 2024)