We are thrilled that our son’s score increased 4 points, earning him full-tuition scholarships! Thanks so much for offering this course…best $400 we have ever spent!

“We want to thank you for everything you did to help support A. in her journey and goal to increase her ACT scores! A. made a 27 which is an amazing increase from a 17! Her scores also increased in each subject area! We are so grateful and have celebrated a lot! This will open many more doors and offer more choices for A. and her college future!”

“I don’t know if I ever told you, but my daughter M. took your class….Her score went from a 26 to a 30 and she was able to get a full tuition scholarship when she applied to UAB this past fall. So your class is definitely worth every penny and minute spent. Thank you!”

“Debbie Reeves brings years of experience and knowledge to Reeves Test Prep. She is extremely encouraging to all of the students while maintaining her expectations for study and preparation. In one session, Reeves Test Prep helped both of our oldest two children increase their ACT composite scores by 6 points. We highly endorse Reeves Test Prep and look forward to our younger two children taking the class in the future!”

“Thanks again so very much for teaching the prep class. I know that I could not have raised my score by 5 points if you had not been such a help and encouragement! Thank you!” –M. P.


Looking for an online experience? Our live sessions are conducted simultaneously in person and by Zoom!  Zoom recordings of the sessions are available for students whose schedules prevent them from attending live. We have an option for you no matter your schedule or location!

Is it time for your high school student to work on raising ACT scores?  Maybe in the past you’ve opted for seminars that primarily focus on strategy and have seen little if any improvement in your student’s score – or perhaps insisting on taking the test over and over again hasn’t quite yielded the results you hoped for.  An ACT Prep class with Debbie Reeves could be just what your student needs. Strategy without practice is like a coach yelling tips from the sidelines after the team skipped practice all week – not much hope for a win there! And practicing all week without the help of coach’s strategy simply wears out the players and reinforces bad habits –  much like students who repeatedly take the ACT without instruction from those who know how to beat the test.

It has been my privilege to work with students from Auburn (AL), Opelika, Montgomery, Tallassee, and throughout Lee County.  I have helped students raise ACT scores so they could pursue the colleges of their dreams or save thousands by landing scholarships.  If you’re looking for test prep in the greater East Alabama area, you have come to the right place!

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