Prepping Teachers for ACT Student Success

High school teachers invest in students every day, equipping them with the knowledge needed to succeed while also encouraging them along the way. One important step in student success is maximizing ACT scores to widen options for college admissions and earn substantial scholarships.

A common frustration for students and parents is the frequent disconnect between classroom performance and ACT scores. Students with solid GPAs might struggle on the ACT; conversely, students who never excelled in the classroom might soar on the ACT. Parents often turn to teachers for help, asking “why isn’t my student’s stellar academic record leading to a higher ACT score?”

Reeves Test Prep’s Teacher Workshops will give teachers the insight needed to answer this question and highlight ways to incorporate ACT skills in the classroom to get students ready for the ACT.

We offer teacher professional development workshops to equip high-school teachers to prepare their students for success on the ACT. General ACT test-taking strategy is covered as well as subject-specific instruction to help students get ready for individual sections of the ACT. A typical workshop is conducted over the course of a day and consists of six professional development contact hours. Workshops can be tailored to the needs and schedules of each school. Contact us for more information. We are now scheduling seminars for 2022-2023 in-service days.

What Teachers Say About Our Workshops:

This was perfect for our one day crash course.

Thank you so much! This was very helpful.

Great information! Thanks!

Handouts were helpful to stay focused. There were lots of pointers that will help.